Free baby portraits!

Yup!  I miss my couples so much after the wedding- I offer everyone free baby portraits!!  These two darlings were born 7 weeks ago to the proud parents who were married 3 years ago at the Saratoga Country Club on a perfectly beautiful day.  What a double blessing of happiness!  Congrats Helen and Joseph!   ❤❤❤❤ […]

November 20, 2012

Favorite’s of 2009

My favorite images of 2009, in no particular order. What a year! Yea! Here’s to 2010 everyone! Happy New Year! With more than 37,000 photos I took in 2009, I’m sure I’m missing a few! Anyway… enjoy! Cheers! Stephanie

January 24, 2010

Helen & Joseph

It was a photographers dream!!  Bridesmaids with big blue flowers in their hair, a stunning bride and groom, a polka dot room (!) and a vibrantly colorful wedding!  WOW!  Helen got her crazy beautiful dress in Hong Kong…..for…. dare I say…. (it’s wasn’t a secret)…..$200. I love smart shoppers!

July 18, 2009