Sublime. Anna + Segev!

I been having such a fun time re-living how special Anna and Segev’s wedding day was for me! One morning I received a call, the fellow inquired about a particular wedding day, which I had open, and we chatted a bit and then he said he was calling form Israel!  Holy cow!  They found me […]

May 10, 2012

My favorites of 2008

What a year it was! I met the coolest people and had so much fun being involved with, what might be, the most important day of their lives! I am always in awe when two people come together in amazing and sacred ceremonies. I am always so humble and honored to be included. Here are […]

March 1, 2009

Favorite Art Shots

My wedding photojournalism is very important to me, and sometimes the Photo Gods give me one really unexpected, fun photo while I’m out at a shoot. Here are my favorite, more artsy photos from 2007. Enjoy!

February 29, 2008