On a Saturday night in early April of 2013, two perfect strangers, Brent and Ziru, were just living their separate lives in Boston, MA. That night, they were both feeling lazy and reluctant to go out. However, they were both dragged out by their friends (who were much more fun, accordingly) to the same place: a lounge. A friend of Brent’s grew tired of hanging out with JUST guys and asked Brent to pick a gal from the lounge. After Brent pointed out Ziru in the crowd, the friend was well on his way to strike up conversation with Ziru and her girlfriends. After a forced introduction, the two groups started mingling with joy… drinking, talking, a few awkward silences, and phone numbers… time just flew by.

Ziru and Brent had the most fantastical and elegant wedding day, but the two are really such goofs- it was so fun to see their personalities come out during the wedding day! From sassy portraits to Ziru’s dad photo bombing one of our sessions- it was an utterly delightful day!



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