❤ Mather Redwood Grove ❤

What’s better than one white dress? Two! Congrats, Tasha & Rachel!! Thanks for having me as a second shooter, Brad!! Check him out! http://www.alisonyinphotographers.com/

August 25, 2013

Brazilian Room magic…

What a magical evening I had with Lizzie and John today!  From the redwood forests to a mystical and foggy night, it was utterly perfect!  Congrats, m’dears!  ♥♥    🙂

August 11, 2013

Keli ❤’s Chris, Chris ❤’s Keli!!

Her feet never hit the ground! Congrats Keli and Chris!!  Tonight all of your high school dreams came true!  Twelve years in the making.  ♥♥

August 10, 2013

Something Blue rocks!

I’m just such a fan!  Jennifer and her crew at Something Blue (http://www.somethingblue.us.com/) can transport an ordinary place into your wildest dreams!  Check out her blog from my photos at a recent wedding we did together: http://tiny.cc/luk90w

August 3, 2013