I been having such a fun time re-living how special Anna and Segev’s wedding day was for me!

One morning I received a call, the fellow inquired about a particular wedding day, which I had open, and we chatted a bit and then he said he was calling form Israel!  Holy cow!  They found me in Israel!  How cool is that!?!?!

We scheduled a Skype call and we giggled and chatted about their wedding day which was at the Ritz Carlton (www.ritzcarlton.com/hmb) in Half Moon Bay (swoon!) while I clumsily tried to show them my handmade wedding albums from Italy while holding them in front of the Mac’s built-in camera!  I must’ve looked like a circus performer.  HA!  We had such a lovely connection and I later got the memo- I was their gal!  Once they arrived in the States, they set aside an evening for the three of us to go out to dinner, but alas- their favorite restaurant in San Francisco had an emergency closing!  Arg!  We ended up going to my fav- Pizzaiolo (http://www.pizzaiolooakland.com/)  YUM!  It was such a lovely evening when we became friends.

On their wedding day, we were blessed with lovely weather- no fog!  How rare is that in Half Moon Bay!?!?  I know!  To say it was exquisite experience is really an understatement.  Their wedding planner, Orna with Ornamento in The City (http://www.ornamento.com/) did one of the loveliest jobs I’ve ever seen– highly, highly, highly recommended!   We all had such a deep connection, as did my favorite photography partner Edwin Borbon (http://www.edwinborbon.com/) who helped me with the wedding day.  You so totally ROCK, Edwin!  😀



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