WPJA (http://www.wpja.com/) is the premier organization for wedding photojournalists and membership doesn’t come easy.  Contests happen once a quarter and winners are chosen from around the world with thousands of entries in each category.  I’m really honored to pick up my 11th and 12th place in this latest contest!  Yippee!!


And… if that isn’t enough– after they announced the winners– I got an email from Palm Press (http://www.palmpressinc.com/) – a really cool publishing house of greeting cards featuring mostly photos from photojournalists  – and they had seen my photo in the winners circle, and asked to use this first photo on an anniversary card!  Way cool!

But the REALLY cool story is the couple who is dancing- Melinda’s grandparents- their 70th wedding anniversary fell on her wedding day (I think she might have planned it that way!) and she and Jason honored their anniversary with a special dance for just the two of them. This photo was taken during their special anniversary dance.  So the fact that Palm Press is using it for an anniversary card, well, it’s just perfect.  What a dream realized- being on a greeting card.  *Gush*




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