A perfect spring day for Debra and Richard

Honestly… Debra couldn’t have looked more stunning than she was, and Richard (Murph to his pals!) was mighty dapper and matched Debra’s good looks on the most perfect spring day I’ve seen in ages.  They were accompanied by their children, Jessica, Vanessa, Jacob and Brittany, who made the wedding deeply special.  Add in wonderful friends […]

April 24, 2010

Michelle, Kevin & Co. !

Michelle and Kevin and their children Logan, Kaylin, Kyle and Trevor were married this past weekend at the magical Purple Orchid in Livermore.  With so many children in such a special place, there is bound to be giggles galore!  With the addition of niece Addison, who needed her nose wiped during the ceremony, well…it was […]

April 15, 2010