I’ve so missed blogging about my weddings! I’ve had a wedding every weekend for months, and in order to not fall behind, I’ve been editing, color-correcting and getting my couples their photos in one to two weeks. Whew!
In the last two months, that’s 23,748 photos that I’ve taken! Yikes! I’ve been super busy, but I’m absolutely nuts about what I do for my profession! Guess it’s that crazy training we did in Graduate School! Having my Master’s Degree in Photojournalism has really helped me photographing weddings.
At most of the weddings, people think I’m a member of the family, because I’m having so much fun with what I’m doing and pretty much never sit down. I love weddings. I dream about weddings!
Here is just a tiny sampling of what I’ve done in these last two months, and I know I’m probably forgetting a bunch! In no particular order…..



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