So, I don’t know if it was the fact that Patti and Robert love each other so, so, so very much, or if it was the fact that it was both their second marriages and children were a major big part of the day. Maybe it was the fact that it was held at my favorite place EVER to photograph weddings, the Purple Orchid in Livermore, where the grounds are almost mystical in the special feeling I’ve always been aware of when I photograph weddings there- or maybe it was the staff who are top notch and love their jobs so much it’s palpable and makes the experience second to none. Maybe it was the raven who flew overhead, my own personal totem. (Raven holds a unique place in many native myths. Raven is a creator – he is mankind’s protector and sometimes saviour.) I only notice ravens when the weddings are extra special. Or maybe it was the extra-uber-tiny slice of cake they were able to cut out of the cake-
it was truly a engineering feat…. What an epic wedding.
Maybe it was because of all these things that I cried 7 times at Patti and Robert’s wedding.
My favorite number.



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