A perfect spring day for Debra and Richard

Honestly… Debra couldn’t have looked more stunning than she was, and Richard (Murph to his pals!) was mighty dapper and matched Debra’s good looks on the most perfect spring day I’ve seen in ages.  They were accompanied by their children, Jessica, Vanessa, Jacob and Brittany, who made the wedding deeply special.  Add in wonderful friends and family in a gorgeous setting, and …. presto… an epic wedding!

Michelle, Kevin & Co. !

Michelle and Kevin and their children Logan, Kaylin, Kyle and Trevor were married this past weekend at the magical Purple Orchid in Livermore.  With so many children in such a special place, there is bound to be giggles galore!  With the addition of niece Addison, who needed her nose wiped during the ceremony, well…it was a blissful day!!  Congrats Michelle and Kevin!!

Francesca is one-year-old!!!

Danielle and Federico were married a few years ago in the crazy-beautiful church in Nicasio with many family members coming over from Italy in 2008!  They wedding felt like we were in an Italian countryside, outdoors, breaking bread with loved ones.   They welcomed sweet Francesca into their world in 2009, and she just turned one-year-old!

Here is a link to their beautiful, country wedding:


Photos submitted to WPJA’s latest contest

Wesley - February 5, 2010 - 11:46 pm

Those are some amazing shots!

Andrea - February 18, 2010 - 6:39 pm

I’m excited my ring is being entered into a contest!!!!

Favorite’s of 2009

My favorite images of 2009, in no particular order. What a year! Yea! Here’s to 2010 everyone! Happy New Year!
With more than 37,000 photos I took in 2009, I’m sure I’m missing a few! Anyway… enjoy!
Cheers! Stephanie

maryb - January 25, 2010 - 9:40 pm

Wow! What a glorious collection of photos!! Each time I think I find a favorite, it is quickly replaced by a new one. A great artistic array here recording beautiful moments. Congratulations on a fabulous portfolio! maryb

Whew! What a fun two months!

I’ve so missed blogging about my weddings! I’ve had a wedding every weekend for months, and in order to not fall behind, I’ve been editing, color-correcting and getting my couples their photos in one to two weeks. Whew!
In the last two months, that’s 23,748 photos that I’ve taken! Yikes! I’ve been super busy, but I’m absolutely nuts about what I do for my profession! Guess it’s that crazy training we did in Graduate School! Having my Master’s Degree in Photojournalism has really helped me photographing weddings.
At most of the weddings, people think I’m a member of the family, because I’m having so much fun with what I’m doing and pretty much never sit down. I love weddings. I dream about weddings!
Here is just a tiny sampling of what I’ve done in these last two months, and I know I’m probably forgetting a bunch! In no particular order…..

Patti & Robert

So, I don’t know if it was the fact that Patti and Robert love each other so, so, so very much, or if it was the fact that it was both their second marriages and children were a major big part of the day. Maybe it was the fact that it was held at my favorite place EVER to photograph weddings, the Purple Orchid in Livermore, where the grounds are almost mystical in the special feeling I’ve always been aware of when I photograph weddings there- or maybe it was the staff who are top notch and love their jobs so much it’s palpable and makes the experience second to none. Maybe it was the raven who flew overhead, my own personal totem. (Raven holds a unique place in many native myths. Raven is a creator – he is mankind’s protector and sometimes saviour.) I only notice ravens when the weddings are extra special. Or maybe it was the extra-uber-tiny slice of cake they were able to cut out of the cake-
it was truly a engineering feat…. What an epic wedding.
Maybe it was because of all these things that I cried 7 times at Patti and Robert’s wedding.
My favorite number.

Helen & Joseph

It was a photographers dream!!  Bridesmaids with big blue flowers in their hair, a stunning bride and groom, a polka dot room (!) and a vibrantly colorful wedding!  WOW!  Helen got her crazy beautiful dress in Hong Kong…..for…. dare I say…. (it’s wasn’t a secret)…..$200.
I love smart shoppers!

Beth Bugnaski - February 3, 2010 - 10:49 am

One wedding is more beautiful than the next… how lucky these couples are to have your photos as treasured memories of the special day they worked so hard to achieve.

I can’t wait to see the next event. The joy and love shines right through the gorgeous images!

Alyssa & Jack….

Talk about a lot on your plate- Alyssa and Jack bought a house around the same time they got engaged- completely gutted it and have been re-modeling it along with planning a wedding! They were so busy she didn’t have a chance to do the last fitting for her dress.

Yes- that’s me, sewing the bride into her dress (6 inches worth!) and teaching the groom how to cut her out of it! What a day! Along with the bride getting in the jumpy house! What a sport!

My favorites of 2008

What a year it was! I met the coolest people and had so much fun being involved with, what might be, the most important day of their lives! I am always in awe when two people come together in amazing and sacred ceremonies. I am always so humble and honored to be included. Here are some of my favorite photos from 2008. Enjoy!

Niece Carlyn’s wedding!

My sweet niece Carlyn got married!! To a heck of a guy, Rick! (That’s him on the left). How lucky I was to attend the festivities in Baltimore!

Carlyn - March 31, 2012 - 5:26 pm

Aunt Stephanie,
What an amazing job you did capturing the amazing day and evening that we had. I look through my pictures ALL the time and am so thankful that you were there to help capture our memories!
Love, Carlyn

admin - March 31, 2012 - 9:41 pm

Sweet Carlyn! You’re note really made my day- thanks so much, honey!

Aunt Stephanie

It’s been a while!

Oh, my! Where has the time gone!?!?! Well, I need to show off photos from Stefanie and Ralf’s wedding! They are from the beautiful city of Hamburg, Germany and decided to get married in San Francisco! They had never been to America before– I so admired their courage to battle bureaucracy in another country! What wonderful friends I have made with these two really cool people! I miss having them in America. We had fun cooking dinner in my kitchen, huh, Stefanie!??! Here are some of my favorites of the day…

milo - August 8, 2008 - 4:30 pm

Stephanie, i haven’t been by in a while and my you’ve been busy! I love these images on the beach and by the old car! just so lovely 🙂

Magazine debut

Thanks to my awesome florist friend, Annie Siu ( www.anniesiu.com/), I have now been published in Today’s Bride magazine! What a proud moment. Thanks Annie!

Michelle White Illustration - April 24, 2008 - 8:07 pm

yippeeee.. congrats! you’re such a wonderful wedding photographer… the cover is gorgeous!

Stephanie - April 24, 2008 - 10:36 pm

Isn’t it!?!?!? I wish it were mine! My photos are inside…. 😉

Michelle White Illustration - April 27, 2008 - 8:08 am

ahhh..well i’m sure they’re just as beautiful.. we’ll have to look for a copy!

Fun with friends

We recently celebrated my dear friends birthday at an outrageously yummy restaurant in San Francisco who’s name I can’t remember right now! Happy birthday Michelle! So glad you were born!

Michelle White Illustration - April 5, 2008 - 8:27 pm

ahhh.. yah!! thank you darling!

Michelle White Illustration - April 11, 2008 - 3:24 pm

Stephanie, sunshine, i hate to nag… however, I’m ready to see some new lovely images on your blog! i keep checking to see what mischief you’ve been in.. and nothing… same old pics…

Stephanie - April 12, 2008 - 9:38 pm

I afraid you’re the only one who checks in!! You’re so good at blogging!